Off the Button

For years I have been making 2¼" buttons using my manual button machine.   Please contact me via e-mail if you wish to order any buttons through this website.   You may order any quantity from one to one hundred.   If you wish to use buttons as name tags at an event, I can print a different name on each one.   I can help you design your buttons, and even compose sayings to put on them.   Below are a few samples of buttons that I have already produced.   If you like one of the sample buttons, it is an easy matter to change the colors, modify the words or font styles, etc.   I have lots of unusual fonts available.

Price for stock buttons:   $1.50 each including shipping

The Bumper Sticker

Here's a bumper sticker that is destined to be a collector's item.   It resided for decades on a bulletin board in the breakfast nook of our kitchen - a constant reminder of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy which occurred on the twenty-second of November in 1963.   In those days my mother was the manager of the Detroit office of Democratic Congressman Lucien Nedzi.   Shortly before November, the office had received a sample of the bumper sticker that had been proposed for use in the coming year's election.   Mom snapped it up.


When the company making my favorite calendars went out of business, I started making my own calendars in the same style as the ones I used to purchase.   The calendars that I liked were printed on heavy 8½x11 card stock in landscape orientation.   There were no pictures or any nonsense - just large squares with plenty of room for writing in appointments and such.   Now I am using Microsoft EXCEL to create my own calendars.   It is easy to customize them and include special birthdays and such.   To see an example, print the calendar for March 2009, which features my birthday.   (The calendar looks different printed than it does on the computer screen.)   After I print my calendars, I three-hole punch the twelve pages, and hang two or three months at a time from two pins on my bulletin board.   At the end of each year, I put the calendar in a loose-leaf binder.   The old calendars serve as a convenient reference.   I was able to use them to look up the dates for many of the stories that appear in this website.

If you would like a set of calendars for yourself, send me an e-mail.   Include a list (within reason) of birthdays and anniversaries you would like to have appear on your calendars, and two colors to be used for the lines.   I will send you an e-mail with an EXCEL attachment for each month that you can then print on heavy (at least 100-pound) card stock, or, if you prefer, I will print them and mail them to you - the small fee to be negotiated.